2 Factor Authentication

Hello Everyone,

Is it just me, or is the 2 factor authentication really over secured?

My setup is simple, i have a small desk with a Computer that i use to play games, and a smaller old workstation that is perfectly fine to capture whatever comes in on the Capture card.

I have a small desk, so the computer i use for capturing is only controlled by mouse.
i tried a kvm and software to control the other computer with just 1 KB and mouse but i prefer to use a seperate mouse only to control the capture pc.

wich worked fine for several years, but since a few months i need to login to Xsplit with a code generator on my phone. almost everytime i start up XSplit broadcaster.

this is very tedious and i am even considering replacing xSplit for something else that just starts when i want it to start without having to login and type in some code that my phone generates.

i am all for 2Factor authentication. i use it for twitch, Google and many other apps, websites. But i just wished that Xsplit would install a token on my machine that will expire after a time longer than a day.

maybe i am doing something wrong so, please feel free to comment on this.

i am just frustrated that i need to login so much.

Hi! The 2FA is optional. While it does show a prompt in the website, you can disable it and it won’t absolutely require that for your logins.

However, something to check: Is it still making you login even if you’ve enabled the Remember me option on the login pag?

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The remember me Option is Definitly enabled.

But it will only remember me without 2 or 3 hours after i closed Xsplit.

it is like the login token expires after a few hours.

This kind of error normally happens if your system time isn’t synced with the internet time. Try syncing that first, then see if the issue persists: