2 persons shown

My first use of VCam is quite positive. One of my questions popping up for family conferencing was, if it is possible to have 2 separate persons being recognized simultaneously. Currently the masking takes me sitting in from of the camera, but a 2nd person standing besides my chair, is mostly unvisible.

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Hi there, unfortunately this is currently a limitation. VCam can only capture one person at a time.

I need this functionality as well. Upgraded my webcam to one with a wider view, but the second person is hidden,

With regards to this request, we recommend posting this as a feature request here https://ideas-xvc.xsplit.com/

I too need this function. At least when using a real green screen background, Zoom background feature works flawlessly even when 2 persons are on the same cam. Why XSplit falters when using a real green screen background? The 2nd person is not recognized!! This is not expected!

Please add that 2 person feature!

Many of us use VCam in these covid days for family meetings with couples sitting in front of the webcam!

Otherwise great app!

We recommend upvoting the feature request for that, it’s currently marked as Under consideration.


For everyone looking for this feature, NVIDIA Broadcast recognizes two people in frame, and is free for anyone with a RTX-series graphics card.