4.0 Issues Color Shifting/Lag

We’ve tried to update to 4.0 in the past but encountered some show-stopping issues. Now, months later trying it again the issues are still there.

Video sources flicker, colors shifting every few seconds. Often shifting to red and back to green. This is not on the source video.

Changing scenes seems to be slower and laggy some times taking up to five additional seconds.

Color shifting example. I have example on youtube.

/youtu . be/y_YvtwT3lGQ

NO REPLIES? What in the world? Where’s XSplit support!?

Hi. I think XSplit Support can help you better if you contact them via Live Chat here: https://www.xsplit.com/support and let them know about your issue

Hey @zionurcbroadcast - Sorry we missed this. Official support can be found in the link above, the forums is more community support than anything. A few things for you to try though.

Do you get the same results in color shifting if you switch the Video Processing Mode in Settings -> Advanced between Legacy and GPU mode?

Regarding switching scenes taking some time, this may be due to sources not being in memory before switching scenes. It will wait for those sources to load before the scene switch actually happens. Could you see if checking “Keep source in memory” for all your sources on each scene helps with this issue?

This could be the issue, however, we have no problem in 3.9 and have reverted back. I’ll try the legacy GPU suggestion and see how it goes.

Thank you. Your suggestions seem to have worked. I’m wondering why this is an issue given the lack of problems we had with 3.9. Is there something I need to do so as to not use “legacy” mode?