A list of stream friendly Royalty Free music libraries for your content 🎵

Good music is hard to find, so I thought I would start a thread of some useful places to get some high-quality music for the next time you go live, that WON’T get your VODs muted. These are just a few I have used in the past, so feel free to contribute your own!

Chillhop Music

No Content ID & Royalty Free
The soundtrack to your favorite low-fi hip hop beats channel
They have a free starter pack and simple sign-up to prevent being content ID’d


$5 / Mo, for use across all major platforms e.g. Twitch / YouTube / Mixer
Some really great artists and selections to pick from here

Pretzel Music

Free & Premium Version $5 / Mo, the first music player and library built specifically for live streamers. They also offer a native app. A good broad selection of tracks too.

Where do you get your music from? Any recommendations?

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Yeeeess! I keep looking for good lists with this stuff! I normally use Chillhop Cafe but I’m not actually sure that’s royalty free!

It’d be cool if someone would make something where you would connect your spotify account, and then using your listening history would make a royalty free playlist that would match your tastes

This is cool, Seems the list also works on facebook streaming.

Yeah i think a lot of the services specify which ones, but either way i think they support the big ones.