A Proper Noise Gate

Hi all, I recently purchased XSplit after using other broadcasting programs in the past, and the biggest thing I’d like to see added are more advanced noise gate options. For the moment, the Noise Suppression option is nice, but does not offer as much control as I would like it to, and while Silence Detection is nice, I find it cuts off too much when I try to commentate. Would it be possible for either an update with a feature like a Noise Gate, or an extension to be developed? Or is there one I can be directed to?

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So in the coming Public Test Release (PTR), we’ll be making some adjustments to how the UI the looks to make it a bit easier to set a more accurate noise gate. However, additional options such as attack, release etc. won’t be included just yet. This is something we’ll be looking in to further down the line.


I figured I’d ask here, since it’s a noise gate thread.
There’s a popping noise when noise gate actuates on my computers. Also tested the same scenario on a remote computer, same result. While streaming, recording and just listening through NDI. Has this issue been addressed anywhere, please let me know.

with me unfortunately the same problem. as soon as Noisegate is activated there is a crack in the recording. is there already a solution?