Adding several audio devices


im looking for a solution to how i can add several audio devices?

‘i got some screenshot but cant upload it because i am always getting a bunch of errors?’

But i need (1) Microphone, (2) Gaming Sound, (3) Chat sound?

Is it possible to add 3 devices? All 3 devices can be on the same audio track … so its not really that important to have it on various audio tracks.

Kind Regards

Hi! Audio inputs can be added as Device sources in XSplit Broadcaster, as shown here:

However, we’ll need to clarify your setup some more. Are you streaming from the same PC, or are you connecting a gaming console via a capture device? What kind of headset are you using for the chat audio?


i am using XSplit Broadcaster for recordings.
I am also playing and recording on the same PC and got the “TEUFEL CAGE” - Headset.

So but there is the problem… this Headset is splitting the audio in different tracks manually, so i can change the volume from each audiotrack separately.
So there is the Input : Microphone, like from every other Headset
First Output: Game Sounds / Browser Sounds - Like Youtube etc…
Second Output: Chat Sounds - Like DIscord, Teamspeak etc…

so i can change the audio volume from each audio track separately.

ahh and edit: i also cant add any audio device ( because its grey) ?

The audio device source is limited to accounts that are on the Premium version of XSplit Broadcaster:

However, that would still be limited to just audio inputs. XSplit Broadcaster is only able to set one audio output at a time, using the System Sound settings.

A workaround for that would be to use a third-party virtual mixer like VoiceMeeter. That would allow you to set multiple audio outputs as one playback device, which you could then set as the System Sound in XSplit Broadcaster.

Okay thanks for the help!
I will try this out! :slight_smile:

It is working like this, thank you very much!

You’re welcome, glad to see that it’s working for you!