Alert Videos/GIF

Is there a way that we can customize the alerts with our own created gif or meme once the alerts pops up in the screen? Im looking at gamecaster now and cannot find that kind of option. Help me out! Thanks!

Hi there, yes this is possible through the scene editor of XSplit Gamecaster. Make sure to enable Advanced mode.

For more details how it works check out this guide for scene editor

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Hi there, milescabador!

Yes, it is possible to use your own GIFs as your alert images :slight_smile:

Go to the scene editor, then add the alert widget of your choice. Adding an alert widget creates a folder.

Now, add your GIF as an image widget then drag that within your Alert folder.

Whenever the alert is triggered, it will display your GIF.

Please see the image below for reference:

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us anytime :slight_smile:

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I didn’t know that you can drag widgets inside the folders. lol thank you so much! now it works!

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I’m glad that it works now! Yes, try to explore widgets that generates a folder when you add them, especially if you’re into creating your own personalized alerts :slight_smile:

We’ll be here should you need us again!