Alert widgets not working

I have all the widget alerts configured good.I broadcast to my facebook page but I get no alert.

Hi! Try this first: Disconnect Facebook from XSplit Gamecaster’s account settings first,

Then logout of XSplit Gamecaster and close it. After that, remove XSplit from your Business Integrations in Facebook.

After that, restart XSplit Gamecaster and reconnect your Facebook account.

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What alerts are you not getting? Do you see the event in your dashboard in Gamecaster? Facebooks API is quite weird in that not all events get sent to us, specially when the actions are done by users personal accounts and not pages.

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All alerts.
Yes I see event dashboard.
Edit : Problem solved.

Good day to you again, eelmali44!

Glad your issue is now fixed. Please let us know anytime if you need help again. Stay safe!