Alert widgets not working

I have all the widget alerts configured good.I broadcast to my facebook page but I get no alert.

Hi! Try this first: Disconnect Facebook from XSplit Gamecaster’s account settings first,

Then logout of XSplit Gamecaster and close it. After that, remove XSplit from your Business Integrations in Facebook.

After that, restart XSplit Gamecaster and reconnect your Facebook account.

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What alerts are you not getting? Do you see the event in your dashboard in Gamecaster? Facebooks API is quite weird in that not all events get sent to us, specially when the actions are done by users personal accounts and not pages.

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All alerts.
Yes I see event dashboard.
Edit : Problem solved.

Good day to you again, eelmali44!

Glad your issue is now fixed. Please let us know anytime if you need help again. Stay safe!

Hi can someone help? None of my alerts and widgets work anymore since Gamecaster was updated - I followed the steps above but still nothing on the Likes / Follows / Followers (alerts and labels).

I re-installed the app too, removed and re-added to fb business integrations - still does not work.

Can someone help please?

Same issue here as Bodi is having. Everything worked great until Gamecaster became it’s own entity later this week? I was forced to sign in again, and while I see things are happening in the right History pane such as likes and shares, I no longer get the sounds and animations. Also, commentors now just appear as : instead of their actual names.

Gamecaster has a notice now when selecting to stream on FB…for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:

" An update on Facebook Comments and Stream Events

TLDR: We are aware of a number of issues with Facebook comments and stream events. We believe this is due to a bug with the Facebook API.

For any events or comments you do receive, you may find they show as “Someone has liked the stream!” Read on for more information.

Just over 1 month ago, Facebook made a change to how NEW applications access user data, including data needed to display comments and alerts on your stream such as the user’s name.

Older apps, including XSplit and, are still using the OLD method for access to user data. These apps will be forcibly migrated to the new method very soon.

Based on our testing, it is our belief there is a bug with the Facebook API for Stars, Shares, Likes, Followers and Supporters in any app that is using this NEW data access method , and this can ONLY be solved on Facebook’s end.

As a temporary solution, we will now show the word “Someone” for any stream event or comment that does not have a user account. For example, you may now see: “Someone has shared your live video!”, “Someone has sent 50 Stars!” or “Someone has followed your Page!”. We obviously understand this damages your viewer engagement experience, and can only apologize for this inconvenience.

We have raised the issue and the results of our investigations to the Facebook team, and are working closely with them to investigate further. We are now reliant on Facebook to provide more information and their results of any internal investigations. We hope to have further updates soon."

Hi guys - I see the note but it says for existing users the issue should have been resolved - I still do not have ANY alerts other than “someone sent you xx stars” that is it - no likes, no shares, no followers.

Do others still have this issue and if yes can you advise if you managed to fix it or is it still with FB/Gamecaster to fix?

Have you tried disconnecting facebook from your Gamecaster account and also removing Gamecaster from Business Integrations on Facebook and then trying to connect them all again?

Hi I’ve tried all that and still not working. I only have events on the dashboard for “someone has sent you xx stars” and that is it , still no likes / follows / shares. I tried all the above to disconnect, re-install everything.

It is a shame because I really liked Gamecaster but if I cannot resolve the widgets problem …the only choice I have is to give up on Gamecaster and switch to OBS Studio which works but isn’t as easy to set up.

@bodi_0 I recommend jumping on the Gamecaster Discord and reach out to the team there -