Allow Twitch chat to control your broadcast with this macro trigger

Note: Macros is an extension in XSplit Broadcaster that can be found in the Plugin Store

NEW - Chat Macro

Step 1 - Download the Macro

Download the Chat Macro here

Step 2 - Import the macro

Open Macros extension and press the Import Macro button, then navigate to the file we just downloaded in step 1


Step 3 - Configuring the macro

The macro has 4 fields, for the first field, type in your Twitch username. The macro will listen to the chat for this channel. Next is the command you want to trigger the macro.

Then you have the option to make the macro only be triggered by mods, this will prevent regular viewers/chatters from triggering the macro.

Finally there’s a white list option, this means if you’re in mod mode, those users can still trigger the macro. This is a comma separated list, an example: username1,username2,username3,username4

Step 4 - Add your desired actions

Next lets add any of the actions you want to be triggered when someone uses the command. This could be switching scenes, toggling sources etc.

Step 5 - Enable Event Listener

Now we just need to check the “Enable event listener” checkbox at the top of the macro to ensure that our chat trigger is running.

Old Guide

I created a simple page where you can generate a custom script which will allow you to execute a macro when a specific command is written in chat. Below are the instructions to follow.

Go to

  1. Type in the command you would like chat activate, for example !scene1
  2. Type in your Twitch channel, this is the chat we’ll listen to the command from. Then click ‘Copy Code’.
  3. Open up the Macros extension in XSplit Broadcaster, add a macro and then choose ‘Custom Script’ in the event dropdown
  4. In the new text area that appeared, Ctrl + V (Paste) the code we just copied
  5. Set up your action that you want to be triggered when the command is typed in chat
  6. Make sure ‘Enable Event Listener’ is checked for the macro.

Once you’ve done that, you should now see the macro will execute/run when the specific command is typed in chat.

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How do you get the command to change a source? I don’t seem to see any choices, the list is blank

Do you mean like toggle a source on or off? You can just add an action and then choose what you want.

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