Android virtual camera application DroidCam doesn't work with VCam

Hello, I connected my android phone as a webcam through DroidCam, however choosing DroidCam source in VCam (I have enabled experimental show virtual cameras option) it says “Camera is not available.” I have closed any applications which could connect to DroidCam but to no avail.

Just tested it here and VCam’s showing the DroidCam source as normal. Is it showing you more than one DroidCam option in VCam’s list of selectable cameras?

Yes, there is DroidCam Source 2 and 3, however both of them display “Camera is not available”.

So I restarted my PC and turned off any programs with camera access off once again and disabled my antivirus and for some reason it works now.

I see. It’s possible the antivirus may have been affecting VCam’s access to the camera.

Yes, I added my Android phone as a webcam via DroidCam, although the DroidCam source in VCam has to be chosen as DroidCam directs the rest. Simply put - a web-technology-based webcam solution such as MJPEG, RTSP, Onvif etc. is easy to use, as they do not require PC clients. Therefore, many of these apps for Android exist. On the Windows side, the DroidCam app is very simple and straightforward. Both are available at 480p resolution. I think there may be some benefit with the driver via another MJPEG stream.