Assassin's Creed 2 (And maybe other older games)

I noticed when trying to stream last night that whenever I tried to boot into Assassin’s Creed 2 that the game would consistently stutter and freeze during the ubisoft splash logo video and toss a large white box in the corner. Said large white box would flicker to a black screen for a few moments before coming back in.

However, when I try to capture the game with OBS it’s flawless, no issues. That lead me to believe it’s the way the game capture hooks itself into the game.

Unfortunately, no matter what capturing method I used (Monitor, Window, Game, etc) I’d always get the same issue. Some of them actually reached the main menu before completely freezing and refused to run.

Anyone else have any issues with this as well?

Hi! Does the same stuttering/freezing happen whether you’re running those games full screen, borderless, or windowed?

Also, what DirectX number does it show for Assassin’s Creed 2 when you add it as a game source in XSplit Broadcaster?

The game is a DX9 game and shows up as such on xsplit. However, the game doesn’t have the option for windowed, or borderless. The game is infamous for being fullscreen only and not even 3rd party apps or adding in the -w or -windowed syntax to a command line make it work.

Are you able to get a quick screen recording of the game’s stuttering and freezing, for reference?

Yeah. I got one from when I was streaming. Had to switch OBS just to stream the game in the end. 836940532

We’ve seen the video and the game is not running as expected. Can you try to set your refresh rate with a 50hz resolution and VSync turned off on your AC2’s Video Settings then set a game capture source on your Broadcaster. See if this will work on your end.

I always have vsync turned off in my games usually as is since 9 times out of 10 the games don’t run that well with it turned on. As for the 50hz resolution. The game doesn’t have a 50 hz option either. Only certain smaller resolutions at 75 hz.

I did however get somewhere with it last night. I turned off game capture until the game was fully booted and I was loaded up in the game. It’d still drop a few frames here and there, but it was at least playable.

So this might be something you guys want to look into further, and I’m more than willing to test things out if need be if no one else has the game to run.

Alright, we’ll have a look on this on our end and see if we encounter issues on older titles.

Unfortunately my quick fix to get the game captured stopped. Have there been any new revelations about this old DX9 game?

Edit: Seems as though if I turn off the dual GPU for the game it’s captured fine, as long as I wait for the game to fully boot and load my save file, or else I get the freezing issue.