Audio Chirp When Opening Switch Games

Hello, when resetting during a Pokemon Legends session, my viewers were assaulted with an ungodly chirp sound. I listen to game audio directly from my capture card, routed through voicemeter banana, I did not hear such a thing until a viewer clipped it for me. I’ve tested this over and over and have come to the conclusion this is a problem with xsplit itself. I’ve tested wasapi on/off, which recording device to take it from, voicemeter banana, capture card directly. It always ends up doing this. Not every time though, which is weird.

Anyway I remember that a certain Vinesauce Vinny had an issue with “chirps” when playing SNES games (mostly) and was using Xsplit at the time. Any idea how he fixed that? Or any ideas at all? This is incredibly un-okay for shiny hunting, having to re-open the game often. I would link to the clip but it won’t let me post links. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the clip, volume warning, seriously, made my ear physically hurt.