Audio Delay in Xplit BroadCaster

I have an Elgato HD60pro. Just bought. I did some tests at home before going to the theater. Everything went well. It turns out that at some point, the sound came later than the image. I know from experience that the opposite always happens. Audio first than the image. Now the delayed audio? It was the first time. I was only able to solve this with a software refresh on the hd60pro capture card. But I didn’t find that out until later.
I have a problem with the card. Or will it be a problem with my streaming software. ???

I also ask to Elgato. If the capture card have some kind of problem.

Hey @ntrindadevideo,

Can we have a screenshot of your settings? We can help you out with this.

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I appreciate your help, but do not allow sharing images or links … I do not understand why

My first stream… the audio arrives later…it was the first time it happened to me…
And i don’t found any solution in the real time.

In the second stream, the same thing happens… But i enter in the settings of my capture card by Xsplit (look my prinscreen…) and make a refresh… Or enter in configuration… And the signal of my elgato hd60 pro, make some kind of reset and from there everything went back to the correct synchronization …

honestly I didn’t understand why this happened … I launched this adventure of mine, both for elgato and for here … I still haven’t realized if the problem is with Xsplit or with Elgato capture card …


first stream:
second stream:

I clicked on “configure” in the 30:00… and i dont make any changes… but the xsplit make some kind of refresh… and VOILÁ… everything SYNC