Audio From Playstation 3 Games Is Distorted

Hi, I’m having problems with my Playstation 3 game audio coming out in my recordings DISTORTED. It’s like a LOUD STATIC NOISE! But when I switch the HDMI cable from my PS3 to my PS4 and record games from there, the audio comes out perfectly. What am I doing wrong? It works fine for the PS4 but not the PS3 with the came HDMI cable used?

HI! PS3’s aren’t normally connected to XSplit Broadcaster via HDMI. Which capture card (brand/model) are you using with your PS3? Do you have the HDMI cable connected with an HDCP Stripper?

I’m using what’s called a Multi Pro Stream Pack from Amazon. It came with an external capture card, a microphone and a camera. I had all kinds of trouble using ANY system with OBS Studio, so I switched to XSPLIT GameCaster, because it’s the only software that would record video and audio from my PS4 with perfection. But as soon as I switched it over to the PS3, I get audio distortion. I have no clue what you’re talking about with all that. I just plugged it in and turned it on and tried to broadcast from my PS3 like it said it was SO easy, but yet I get these problems. The external broadcast card is called a RAIDEN Stream Box FULL HD. And I’m guessing this is the model #: SA5591-C. I have no clue what an HDCP Stripper is.

Sorry, Gamecaster is no longer part of the XSplit brand. You would have to contact their team at the site for assistance with troubleshooting Gamecaster.