Audio gets progressively more out-of-sync the longer a recording gets

I am having an issue with XSplit recordings in Broadcaster. If I record a video file in XSplit and an audio file in another location (Audacity, my audio mixer’s local recording, etc), the audio gets progressively more out of sync the longer the recording gets. Both XSplit and the other sources are using the exact same mic and the exact same audio sampling rate of 48kHz. I cannot for the life of me figure out why this is happening. I have a video demonstrating the issue, but it won’t let me post a link here.

I am very confident that this is an XSplit issue, because audio files from both the mixer and in Audacity line up perfectly. Additionally the mixer I have is a high-end one, and therefore local recording on it should be completely lossless.

What’s weird though is that the XSplit audio ends up “shorter” than the external audio. Words on the XSplit audio end up being said earlier and earlier as it goes along, almost as if it’s somehow deleting a frame from existence every five minutes or something.

Pretty interested in seeing your recording of the issue.
Maybe try using a quick video host like Streamable and post the link here?

It could be an XSplit issue, but have to say audio issues like these haven’t been prevalent before so it might be due to some changes we made in the audio pipeline. One more verified case from a user could be a big help. Could be bad resampling on our part, even if sample rate is set to the same one across all software and hardware.


I’d like to also add my input on this issue. I’ve used this software for many years and there was no sync issue, however lately I’m experiencing audio being out of sync on both recordings and livestreams (youtube and Akamai both).

The same audio and video are being fed from the source to public displays and speakers that are perfectly in sync.

It’s only within xsplit where the audio moves faster than the video. This also happens at varying rates. I have to sometimes add a 300ms delay to bring it back in sync, and other times an extreme 4000ms.

I’ve replicated the same issue on another PC. Both PC’s are running internal sound cards and internal capture cards. This issue also occurs even without capture card usage, if I use a media file source, or if I use a screen capture and speaker audio as my source.

Can you remember on which version change the audio sync issues started? Was it perhaps on 4.0 PTR?

I’m guessing the audio settings in XSplit are all mostly on default, and the app really does just take in input from the capture card and sound card and broadcast it?

Unfortunately I can’t remember which version the issue started. I haven’t used any PTR versions, only official updates.

Correct, audio settings are on default (except when I must add a delay to compensate), and sound is directly in and out, to broadcast and local recording.

Hi, this problem is still persisting across multiple PC’s, running updated installs. Any help would be appreciated.