Audio in exported videos slowed down

Previewing my videos has proper audio. When the raw video plays in the express editor it also sounds fine. Upon export is when the audio is slow. My voice and any in-game voices sound slower/deeper. It is quite noticeable. This started happening yesterday. I have checked my drivers and they are all up to date.

My video encoding is NVENC H.264 (GeForce RTX2070 Super) with High quality.
My audio encoding is AAC LC (greyed out) with 128kpbs bitrate and Stereo format.
Output is mp4 that splits at 10GB.
I also have "Optimize for YouTube’ checked.

Thanks for any help in getting these videos to export with proper audio.

Any updates for this? I tried again and my audio is still slow. Thanks in advance.

Hi! Sorry for the delay. Do you still have the same problems if you choose codecs other than NVENC in XSplit Broadcaster’s recording settings, then export those into the Express Video Editor?

Can you send us some short samples of the videos before and after the Express Video Editor slows down the audio?

I appreciate the help. I am unable to upload mp4 files to this forum. Is there another way/place I can send the two clips? The first is the raw video and the second is the export from the express video editor. Thank you!

You can contact Support via the chat icon at the lower-right on this page:

Unfortunately the team was unable to help. they did suggest running DeBugView for the Devs to look at when they get a chance. Is there a place I should send/place that .txt file for them to look at?

You can send a file to the Support team using the Send a file button in the chat window:

Send a file