Audio Preview is Delayed in Headphones

I have the audio preview going to my headphones and the system sound set to default. It works, however, there’s a delay in my headphones when I’m speaking. Any ideas?

Hi! Send us a screenshot of your Audio settings tab in XSplit Broadcaster. Are you also able to send a quick sample recording with the audio delay in it, for reference?

There’s no way to record the delay.

Disable the delay in the mic settings:


I tried that. It didn’t do anything.

I should add, all audio, when heard in the headphones, is on a delay, not just the mic it turns out.

We’ll need to clarify this some more: Is the delay just in the headphones’ playback? Does it look like there’s no delay if you save a recording from XSplit Broadcaster?

If I save a recording? Do you mean, are recordings out of sync? If so, no, everything is in sync. I just want to live stream and to be able to hear my voice in my headphones as I speak. As it is, I hear myself in my headphones about a half a second after I speak.

Is your Soundcore Life Q20 headset connected via Bluetooth? If yes – does the same delay happen if you try using a wired headset or speakers as the Audio Preview?

It can be connected via headphone jack or Bluetooth and the delay happens the same way.

Does the delay happen regardless of your settings for the Audio Mixing Sample Rate in XSplit Broadcaster’s audio settings?

Changing that doesn’t have an effect. However, upon looking at my mic levels in xsplit’s audio mixer, I notice that when I say something, it takes a moment for it to get to xsplit. So, the delay is between when I speak and when it gets picked up. I hear the audio at the exact time the levels move, but they don’t move right when I speak. I know I repeated myself, but hopefully that’s clear.

I use a Zoom H4n Pro as my audio interface. After doing a lot of reading, I’m starting to think the latency is inevitable.

Hi there! Audio preview is usually meant to be enabled only so you can listen or preview how your device would sound like, but it’s not normally intended to be kept on… one of the reason for this being the delay, which can be normal in most situations (and sound cards) as the sound would need to travel from the device to your computer, and to your audio output.

If you want to make sure there is absolutely no delay whilst being able to listen to your own voice when you speak, one way is to get an audio interface (e.g. Focusrite) then connect your microphone and headset there, then turn up the monitoring volume. This will allow you to listen to your microphone even when Audio preview is disabled (recommended)

Thank you. I eventually figured that out. I’m sorry for wasting everyone’s time, but appreciate the quick responses.

BTW, I do have a sound interface and I can monitor my voice through it, but what’s the point? I need to be able to hear the final mix as people watching the stream hear it. The only thing I can do is try to get all of the levels correct before I go live and preview them. Also, I can put my headphones on briefly to check the live sound. Still, it seems there should be a way to hear what the audience is hearing, and my own voice in the mix, in real time.

We’ll be looking in to this