Audio quality Elgato Wave (Link) less crisp with xSplit


I’m convinced that the audio quality of my microphone is less crisp when I’m using Xsplit. I use my Elgato Wave Links Stream channel as my microphone in Xsplit.
I’ve included my settings below. How could it be that the quality sounds degraded in an Xsplit recording (not talking about streaming).



Do you have any audio recordings to compare what it should sound like vs. what it sounds like when recorded in XSplit Broadcaster?

Sure! I made a quick comparison for you :slight_smile:
In this recording, the sound quality is actually pretty okay (I’ve had worse).
However, when I’m changing to the Xsplit track in the video, you can hear a “distorted” effect at the beginning of the clip. I’ve marked it in the video (it’s at 0:23). When recording long video’s in Xsplit, I can expect a lot of these distorted effects in the audio and it really bothers me that I can’t use my mic to the fullest.

In general, I also think the track from Audacity is warmer than the Xsplit recording.

And another sample. I think the ‘distortion’ is a bit more noticeable in this one.

Okay out of curiosity. Instead of setting the wave link as your main mic in XSplit Broadcaster, instead could you try adding it as a source instead? Add Source -> Devices -> Audio -> Wave Link. You may want to set the source to be “Stream Only” playback in the properties.

Then do a test recording and see if you get the same.

Additionally, you could try the Public Test Release (PTR), make sure the audio mixer extension is updated and then add device and choose wave link. See if when adding it as an extra device you get the same issue

When I add the Wave Link Stream output as an audio source, the audio quality seems to be a lot better! So I guess I’ll just use it like this instead of using Wave Link Stream as the microphone input :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

By the way: really nice to see that more audio sources are coming to the new version of Xsplit. I really miss this right now (that’s also why I’m using the Elgato Wave Link software) so it’ll be great once it’s all baked in right into Xsplit!

@thibault007 Could you try downloading the Public Test Release (PTR) and then using the audio mixer, add your wave link as an additional device and see if you get the same issue with that?