Audio set-up help please

Hi i have just installed xsplit, i have my audio coming into my lappy via my mic in socket, the problem i am having is the default mic is the mic on my lappy. I have been to plug-in and am using an audio plugin, but can’t get it set for the stream… any help please guys. thanks

Hi! You should be able to select the correct mic in XSplit Broadcaster’s Audio settings tab:

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thanks… all sorted now…

Good to hear that it’s fixed!

hi there, yer its not sorted… i thought it was but its not…
I am running the connection test when i connect to FB, it runs ok then after about a min it just starts skipping… is there any chance you could let me know the correct video/audio setting please.

Please send us a sample video of the skipping, we’ll check what might be causing that kind of skipping in your Facebook Live stream.

video clip for you…

there is jumping and a hi crackling… i have also got my controller only just regresting on the levels, and i have xsplit turned right down so the yellow is just regresting on xsplit but still sounds almost distorted on volume…
thanks for you help.

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Hi! We see that you’ve got another thread open for this issue. Please continue the discussion in the other thread: