Auto Zoom - Pre rather than Post?

As someone very happy with the app Vcam, I’m always thrilled to see new features, such as the auto pan/zoom.

I just can’t help but think, is there a way to get a crisper image? Right now, the zoom is done digitally on the PC using the 720p camera feed, and blowing up a small segment of that image up bicubically. Theoretically, couldn’t you use the optical zoom on the phone’s camera, handle all of the cropping and zooming processing on the phone, then send the non-lossy pre-zoomed image to Vcam, so it arrives on the PC cropped closely, all at the highest possible resolution?

I get that you’re juggling a lot of resources for encoding, and keeping the latency low, but modern phones have such insanely high megapixel counts, it seems much less effective to artificially stretch a small piece of the already kind of low 720p source.

Just a thought! Thanks for your work on this great product!