Automatically Switch Scenes using the Macros extension

Automatically Switch Scenes

It’s very common to want to add some automation to your broadcast. One of the more obvious ones is the ability to switch between scenes on an interval. The macros extension may not be the first one you think about but this nifty little extension that you can find in the plugin store already has everything you need to make this a possibility.

Install Macros extension from the plugin store

Go to the plugin store by clicking Extensions > Add Extension > Find more extensions
Search for macros, click and install. Then, from the Extensions menu at the top again, open the Macros extension.

Add a new macro by pressing the plus button. You can give it a name if you wish by pressing the pencil icon in the right section.


Setting up the macro

  1. The event is the thing that happens for our macro to run. This could be a hotkey, an output starting or some other event. We could opt to not set an event and just manually trigger the macro by pressing test. In this case, we’re going to set it to On Key Press, set the hotkey to Ctrl + Shift + 1 and make sure Enable event listener is checked. This will make sure the hotkey is detected when we press it.

  2. For the first action, we’ll make it Switch to Scene and then because we’re going to make it cycle between all of our scenes and for simplicity, we’ll make it Next Scene. However, we could manually specify a scene here.

  3. Next, add a new action and set it to Wait and enter 5000. This means after the scene switch it will wait 5 seconds (5000 in ms) before moving to the next action. At this point in time, we don’t have another action so the macro would just finish/end.

  4. Add one final action and make it Go to action and then choose the first action we created, Go to Next Scene

If you’ve set up everything correctly, it will look like this

What we’ve just done is make a macro that will run when Ctrl + Shift + 1 is pressed, it will immediately switch to the next scene, wait 5 seconds, go back to the first action which is switch scene, wait 5 seconds, switch scene, wait 5 seconds and so on and so on.

You could do something similar by specifying specific scenes and adding more actions


  1. Install Macros extension from the plugin store
  2. Make a new macro and set the event to be whatever you want
  3. Add actions for the scenes you want to switch to and add wait actions in between
  4. At the end, add a Go to Action to go back to the first action to create a loop