Avermedia HD C985


I’m using an Avermedia HD C985 capture card and I’ve noticed a change in capture frame rate. I didn’t notice it at once so I’m not sure what changed or when it did, but when I compare my captures from last year with my current once, the difference is huge.

I’ve played around with all the settings I can change in xsplit but havn’t found a good sollution to fix the framerate. It runs at a constant 60 but watching the feed it’s definitly not as smooth as the old recordings.

A workaround I found is that if I launch Avermedias recording central, and then do a screen capture of that, the FPS is perfect. But doing this results in a quality loss instead.

Do you guys have any idea what might have changed or what I could try to get better framerate from the capture card?

Thank you!

Hi there!

Can you send us a copy of your MSINFO file? We’ll look into that with you. You can upload it to a place like Google Drive or Dropbox and then send us the shareable link.

Here’s how to generate one: https://www.xsplit.com/support/useful-tools/generating-an-msinfo32-file