Avoid interruption and restart stream


I’m using Broadcaster to stream to Youtube. Today, the stream somehow terminated unexpectedly (not in Youtube Studio, there it was still going but just on XSplit). After checking the internet connection, it was not possible to enter this stream again since it did not show up among the planned events (since it was already running). Is there a way to reenter the stream again?
And any thoughts why it could have terminated? Sure, the internet connection could have been down for a second but that’s just speculation. When I checked it, it worked fine.
Thanks a lot!

Hi there, wende!

We’d also like to look into that further. Just to clarify, do you get the same even when unauthorizing and reauthorizing the YouTube plugin settings?

As a backup, you can also go for using the RTMP URL and stream key listed in your YouTube Studio’s event and then add it on XSplit’s Custom RTMP: https://www.xsplit.com/broadcaster/troubleshooting/custom-rtmp-youtube

When it was terminated also, were you able to notice high Dropped Frames on the status bar beforehand? If so, that may be due to problems with your internet’s upload speed at the time. You can also check the CPU and GPU usage at the bottom of the XSplit window to make sure none of them are reaching 100%.