Background Files not working after installing update

Hi, I just installed the latest version of XSplit Vcam and now I can no longer get photos from my own PC to work as backgrounds - they only show as a black background. The stock photos that come with XSplit VCam work, but not photos from my harddrive.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app, I even uninstralled the app and reinstalled it but the issue has not resolved itself. Everything worked fine in the previous version of the app.

What does the full path of your images look like? Just wondering if there’s anything like special characters that might cause issuers

i.e. C:\Users\G-zréyn\Pictures\image.jpg

Thanks for your reply but I can’t see any special characters in the path you mention.

Could you let me know of the file path/url of the image you are trying to add? And, can you try moving the image here %localappdata%\SplitMediaLabs\VCam and re-add the image again on VCam to see if you would have the same issue.

Sorry but I’m not very computer savvy. The path as far as I can tell is This PC\Pictures. I did try and put the picture file in the same folder as the VCam images but that didn’t seem to help.

I uninstalled the most recent version and reinstalled the version I had initially used (1.2.2004.2201). This allowed me to use my photos as a background again. However, when I then updated to 2.0.2008.2201 I could see my photo in the set of backrounds on the VCam app but it would not display when using the app - I just got a black background again. As the file path to the photo has not changed, I don’t know why it won’t now work on the latest VCam version.

Hi there, could you provide screenshot of what you see on your end when encountering the issue?

Here’s what happens now when I use the picture file I had used before updating the app,
image . If I use one of the backgrounds supplied with the app, then that will appear behind me. Thanks.

Hi @ausman9000,
Do you have One Drive enabled? Also, please send us one of your background image files that shows as black layer in VCam 2.0.