Background obfuscation artifacting?

Anyone else experiencing heavy artifacting of background image with the blur slider? As soon as I get the slider to 61+ I have progressingly worse artifcats to the point of tyedye and black and white rings at 100. I am running the most recent build as of 3/4/2021.

Hi! We’re able to replicate this problem on our end as well. The devs are currently looking into a fix for this.

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Cool, Thank you for letting me know!

This is disappointing, as the one thing I wanted is to obscure the background in a way that doesn’t look as weird as it does in Zoom with any virtual background. I’ve tried in native Zoom, with a photo of a manila folder, but it still looks weird if you move at all. I have had an epic fail with a green screen that I bought, and was hoping this would be a solution.