Bad fps on webcam in gamecaster

This used to work great , but a few months back i notice that i was less than 1fps on my web cam.
checked my web speeds which is great.
tried all sorts to get it working.
sometimes it works until i move my mouse or open another application.
it only lags in Gamecaster and only with Xsplit .
if i run gamecaster without xsplit the webcam is fine .
but like most people we want to cover our backdrop.
hope you can help cuz this is driving me crazy as it worked fine before.

Im using a razor kiyo webcam

pc stats
Ryzen 7 3700x
32gb Hyperfury x 4200mhz
all drives are M,2 and SSD

thanks in advance

Hey Steve, Gamecaster is its own separate product. Please check out their discord if you need assistance -

Its Xsplit im having the issue with , Gamecaster and webcam works fine UNTIL i use Xsplit then it becomes impossibe the watch the web cam.
sometimes it works intil i use an app or move mouse

By XSplit, are you referring to VCam? If so, is your webcam also laggy in the preview of XSplit VCam?

Yes mate sorry, Vcam
It’s fine in preview, just when I use it in gamecaster.

Then yeah, I think the issue is on Gamecaster. One thing you can try is going in to settings in Gamecaster, go to the advanced tab and then change video processing mode to legacy.