Bad quality of video!

Using Teams with meetings:

When selecting

  • Webcam -> perfect quality
  • VCAM from OBS - perfect quality
  • XSplit VCam - bad quality with different zoom factor
    It looks like XSplit is zooming in, why?

Hi! What resolution and frame rate do you have set for the webcam? VCam is currently limited to 720p and 30 fps:

This is very disappointing, there is no info on your website about this issue. What timeline do you have for supporting 1080p?
Is it possible to cancel my subscription and get my money back? I cant use this product in my business with that weak quality …
Regards Wolfgang

As of now we don’t have an ETA yet for the 1080p support.

You would have to contact Support for that cancellation and refund request. Please get in touch with them at, or through live chat at:

One year later. What happened in between? Any plans for supporting full HD?