Best Laptops for Broadcasting live

Hello Everyone! Curious which laptop works best or you use for live broadcasting? Which RAM and processor?

Many Thanks!


In theory you could just go hardware encoder route these days with how good NVENC is. Meaning any laptop with an RTX graphics card and then 8-16GB RAM should suffice.

It depends on what extra work load you will be doing on the laptop and how complex your presentation and scenes are though. Would always recommend a higher core processor if you’re going to software encode (x264) so something like an i7 (Quad core with hyper threading - 8 logical cores). Not really well versed on AMD’s counterpart

Many thanks and much appreciated! Always used a desktop pc. Looking at remote events and live broadcasts…

Again, thank you much!


I would like to buy a laptop to record 1080p videos using Xsplit Broadcaster.

My videos would typically be me with a green screen behind. I would play a smaller 720p video in the upper right-hand side (like a Picture-in-picture). I would then pause the smaller video to comment on it.

Would a laptop with an i7 processor be sufficient? Or would it need an RTX or GTX graphics card in addition to the i7 processor?


Hi! An i7 processor does in fact fall within the recommended specs for XSplit Broadcaster:

If you’re going to be doing any other CPU straining activities at the same time though I’d recommend going with a modern graphics card to offload the encoding. However, if the laptops sole purpose was to just encode/stream then just the i7 should be enough.