Bitrate issues while streaming to twitch

I’ve been having a strange issue. I can set my bitrate to anything and no matter what I set it to. 1000-10000 kbps the Bandwidth tester will show yellow and always come up short. I also have been having dropped frames on every stream in the last year.

I currently have “1 gbps” 900 mpbs down and 60 mpbs up. I’m using a 2080 super gphx card. I feel like its a configuration issue and not a connection/hardware issue.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Edit: I’ve noticed every single server is yellow on the selection choice. No one else seems to have this issue, from a few hours of google searching and forum checking. I live near LA and the latency is hardly ever below 80 ms. I’ve seen it spike down to 67 ms. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix these latency issues?

Hi! Try this out: Does the same thing happen if you use a Stream Key instead of Web Authentication?
Stream Key
Does it also show only yellow (or red) servers if you enable Confirm ingest server before broadcasting then attempt to start a stream?

Yes it actually has been auto selecting Tokyo, Japan and going red if I use that feature right away. If I give the application time to load in the pings it will cycle between phoenix, az and los angeles, ca.

The weird thing about the Bandwidth test feature is, I can set 6000 mbps, the test will show a result of 5600, I then set it to 5600 it will show a result of 4900. I set it to 4600 it shows a result of 4300. I can set it to 1000 and it will come back at 1300 with a yellow result not recommending I use that bitrate on that server. Then I can set it to 10000 and it will come back with a result of like 4600. But no matter what I set it to the latency causes the frames to drop and my bandwidth tests to always be yellow.