Bitrate Problem

I have hi-speed internet - more than enough to stream comfortably with. I also have a gaming desktop pc with an Ryzen 7, 16gb of Ram and an NVidia 1660 Ti GPU. For some reason, my bitrate keeps dropping in XSpit and fluctuates between 6000 kbps and 200 kbps, which causes my stream to drastically drop frames.

I’ve done a speed test when the bitrate changes to see if there’s a connection between it and my internet but it’s still working fine. Before last night, I hadn’t streamed in over a month and before that, everything was fine.

What has changed and is anyone familiar enough with the problem to help me fix it? Thank you!

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If you’ve changed nothing, I’d potentially say maybe try using a different ingests/server to stream to and see if that solves it. For example, if you’re streaming to Twitch using the LA Ingest server. Try changing it to Chicago etc.


I will try. Thank you.