Black Blob in VCam 2.0 background (covered webcam)

Sometimes I just want to see the background pic. However, with the latest version (vcam 2.0) there is an ever present black blob that looks horrible. Anyone know how to get rid of it? If I can’t lose it then i need to go back to the old version…

Hello! Thanks for letting us know. Do you by chance have a screenshot of how the issue looks?

Tried to attach a pic but the system said no pics in posts…

@jbricejr1 we are investigating this black blob issue while we are also working to implement an option to disable the webcam in your virtual camera feed.

You should now be able to upload images too.

This is the blob.

Happens when I close the privacy cover on my webcam. The size is dependent on the picture quality selected. It appears over every background. The old version didn’t have this issue…

Any updates on when this will be fixed?

Hi ken, no ETA yet with regards to this issue

I’m still running 1.2 and there I shall stay until this is fixed. Xsplit does not seem interested in fixing this - I reported it during the beta and they wrote back with some attitude about it. Sounds like 2.0 is still broken.