Black Output - Background removal bug?


I’m having an issue with the latest Vcam software. I’m running Win 10 64bit and I use a Logitech C920 HD.

My webcam works on its own in other software, but Vcam outputs only a black screen. If i click in the Vcam preview window I can see the image form the webcam without filters, otherwise I only get a black outoput. Is this related to the background filter? Mine is currently set to 0 and the black output is the same. Also, tellingly, no backgroud image is displayed.

I also cannot access the top left menu to access any software settings.

I did update my GPU drivers (1080Ti) to the latest version and did a restart, no change.

Any bugfix out there?

I reinstalled the software, the issue looks solved at the moment.

The background filtering does present some colour aberrations: instead of being a blurred grey, black and yellow blobs overtake the backgroud. I do fear there is some underlying issue nontheless…

Hi! We’ll check first if you need to update or reinstall anything. What version numbers do you have for XSplit VCam, and for your 1080 Ti driver?


So for reference:

  • Win 10 64bit 20H2
  • nVidia driver 466.47
  • xsplit version 2.2.2103.2502 (I’m using a paid version, if it’s relevant)

After I unistalled and reinstalled Vcam the black screen issue has not returned. The unusual color blobs in place of the blurred background do remain, when the filter is set higher then 50%.


Hi! The blur problem is a known issue that the devs are currently looking into. We currently don’t have an ETA for this yet.

I just uploaded the latest version 2.3.2108.0303 and the issue still persist. I noted that it never gets past the black or logo screen to the camera. Looks like there was also a virus detected with it using Outlook at that point. Changing the application to remove loading screen only changes the effect of what is seen, black or logo. Never releases to camera for Teams. Any update?