Black Sploch (covered webcam) is still there

Any updates on when the issue of a Black Sploch when you close your cam cover? Just got the latest update here version 2.1.2102.1003 and the issue still exist. They added a pause button…but would have been more useful to have a on/off (stop) camera to get rid of this issues. Pausing…i.e., freezing your image is not a very useful feature for me at least. I would never use it.

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Hi! That’s still an effect of VCam when the camera cover is closed – it’s essentially happening because the app is unable to distinguish between a distinct person in the frame against their background.

However, there is an ongoing feature request for a camera on/off switch in the app. I recommend upvoting it here:

Yes, but this was never an issue until version 2

I’m having the same issue with a Logitech C930e, tested with with both VCam version 2.0.2008.2201 and 2.1.2102.1801.

When closing the privacy lid, unwanted dark spots remain covering the image selected to replace the background. In some instances, when starting everything up with the lid closed the black spots are present from the initial launch as well.

Use case: Using the webcam microphone with a stock background image or company logo presented on a call without presenting the speaker’s image.