Blackmagic Intensity Pro Compoment cables

Hey guys
So I have this issue for a while now and I hope it can be fixed
I have a Youtube video as well, but I can’t post links
What happens is when there is a Square Enix FMV is playing then the screen goes to pink for a second since it picks up a movie which is fine, since that happened before as well and I think that’s normal
What I don’t like is, when it happens in the fights or the screen goes off and on for a second when you are busy with the game
I am a speedrunner, I love to do Final Fantasy X-2 as a speedrun, goal is to get world record for that category, but I can’t stream when this stuff happens which is frustrating
It’s just a random issue, it can happen anytime when I am playing the game, settings are still the same, I did some changes with the driver like remove field jitter on and off, the rest is still the same in the settngs, playing on a NTSC console, so I am pretty sure I said everything right, same settings when I didn’t had it

What I don’t get is like what is in the Youtube description as well, is that if you stream long enough, like for months then it might fix it on it’s own???

I am hoping if you guys have a solution to fix it, like have you tried this or that? or I had the same issue as well and I changed this and then I didn’t had any problems

For the rest Blackmagic works fine, except for this part

Thanks for the help

Can you try if there’s a progressive scan mode on FFX-2? See if that option is available. A video sample and screenshots of your settings can give us a closer look at the issue you encounter.

So I looked at the internet and I didn’t know what you meant by progressive mode so I searched it, seems like a person on youtube did change his settings from full screen mode to 16:9 screen, so I changed it from full screen to 16:9 screen as well, I don’t think this will help, but will find out soon enough
these are some screenshots from my settings:

And it seems that FFX-2 doesn’t have a progressive mode option when you press triangle and X for example that you can see what is happening, I looked it up on google and seems that FFX and X-2 doesn’t have that

Alright, I’ve seen the setup and confirmed that FFX and X-2 don’t have the progressive mode. I also want to know how your PS2 connects to your capture card? Do you have a converter from component to HDMI?

Also, can you try to test the following:

  • Do a sample recording using the media express video app and see if the screen goes on and off.
  • Switch the video processing mode of your Broadcaster by going to Tools > Settings > Advanced Tab then under the Video Processing, select Prefer CPU (or GPU) for video processing, and do a sample recording if the screen goes on and off on a particular scenario of the game.