Blank logo screen with Zoom

I am using the latest versions of Zoom and Vcam.
Vcam works fine in standalone mode. But when I ask Zoom to choose it as the camera, it shows a blank screen with Vcam logo. It is detecting it as a camera stream. Simply doesnt show any video. Has anyone been able to fix this?

I am having the same exact issue, I can see the webcam just fine in Vcam but on Zoom there is just a black screen under video settings. The video setting is set to Xcam. It used to always work just fine until a few days ago. I hadn’t installed any new Windows Update or driver update. Could it be a bug on Zoom’s side?

Hello! Sorry to hear about the issue you have encountered? May I ask what Windows OS are you using and does this same issue happens on other applications like Teams, Google Hangouts or others?

I’m having the same issue on MacOS Monterrey.

I’m using Mac OS Big Sur

Hey there, did you have XSplit VCam closed? If yes, it is currently a known limitation at the moment where XSplit VCam would not work or will only show black/logo when selected as a camera on other application while XSplit VCam is close. For now we recommend having XSplit VCam open when in used in a MAC OS

Nope. xSplit VCam is open and capturing the video feed properly in the XSplit app. Just doesn’t get picked up by zoom though.

Sorry to hear that, how about on other applications does VCam gets detected as a webcam? And, have you tried reinstalling the VCam app then restarting the PC?

It works for me if I Open and KEEP open the X-cam app and then start zoom.

That’s a stupid bug and should be fixed.