BlueJeans video is upside down


I am using the vcam with bluejeans and the video is coming upside down. I am running the latest software.

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Hi there, may I ask which version of VCam are you using at the moment? And, could you provide screenshot of what you see on your end when using VCam on Bluejeans?

Same issue here. Version 2.0.2011.1701
My video is coming upside down. This is frustrating.

Also, removing the background doesn’t work (changing it works but it’s upside down, for bluejeans).

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Version 2.0.2011.1701

I see my video upside down - rotated around the X-axis

Hi! You can use VCam’s edit background button to flip the background horizontally or vertically:

Flip Background

Thank you! The problem is not with the setting. On that screen things are fine and I use Vcam with other apps like Teams etc. and it works fine. The problem is just with blue jeans.

So the above flip won’t help as it will flip rhe background not the picture (I.e me)

We’ll try and replicate the error on our end. Please send us a screenshot of your Bluejeans settings where you have VCam selected, for reference.

@gokul_s Try to logging in BlueJeans app then restart the app.

There is nothing in the setting that I am changing. Here is the screenshot:


I did, didnt solve the problem.

Any luck with the solution?

Hi @gokul_s
We can replicate the BlueJeans issue, but this looks like a bug on BlueJeans side.

Here’s the workaround steps I do to solve the upside down issue:

  1. Install the latest BlueJeans app
  2. Join as guest
  3. Log in to BlueJeans app
  4. Restart BlueJeans

Here’s my video showing the issue and fixed by doing the workaround steps. I do not have though a paid plan in BlueJeans so I could not check the issue while in a BlueJeans meeting.