Bluetooth Headsets with Gamecaster

Good morning everyone.

I want to ask the more experience live streamers here in regards to using bluetooth headsets with gamecaster.

I recently just bought a bluetooth 4.2 headset and realize that I can’t use it for both the intergrated mic and the speaker at the same time. IF I do try that, the mic will work but the sound will get muted system wide.

After looking around the net for a solution, it seems that this is a normal problem with bluetooth headsets if they are being used for gaming. But it also says that in theory, bluetooth 5.0 should be able to bypass this issue.

so I’m wondering whether anyone here can confirm that Bluetooth 5.0 headsets does bypass this little issue.

Thank you in advance.

From what I can remember, Bluetooth isn’t never recommended for gaming and such due to the inherant latency Bluetooth faces. For listening to music, watching movies etc. it’s fine.

You’ve already bought the headset now and I haven’t used Bluetooth enough to confirm is Bluetooth 5.0 will bypass but my recommendation if possible would be to go with a 2.4GHz wireless headset or the old tried and true wired headset.

ok, this is the part I am not very clear on, the one you mentioned about 2.4ghz wireless headsets, are those that uses Wifi signals or is that another term for some more advance bluetooth feature?

oh, and I did use a wired headset, an Asus Cerberus headset, but for some reason, the Mic volume is extremely low when recorded in live streams.

Did you check your windows mic volume and see if you could boost it from there?

Also, 2.4GHz wireless headsets come with a USB dongle for communication. It’s not bluetooth, it’s its own specification. I don’t want to suggest this as the only option as you’ve already invested in a bluetooth headset but unfortunately I don’t know enough about Bluetooth headsets to give you a qualified answer

Yea, looked in the windows settings, the mic boost option is only available for the built in Mic of my laptop.

any headset with mic connected to its audio and mic 3.5mm port doesn;t have that boost option for some reason.

Why I am going for bluetooth mic is because for some reason, mics connected via bluetooth is decently loud to be of use for my live streamind vids. But the bluetooth 4.2 =headset I bought as I mentioned earlier won’t allow you to use the sound and the mic at the same time, most likely due to the bandwidth limitations for the 4.2

so posted here wondering whether anyone tried a bluetooth 5.0 headset so I can decide further on whether I wanna invest on one. hehe

Good afternoon,

I will test a 5.0 bluetooth headset tomorrow and tell you if it worked.

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Alright, buddy, Thankz a bunch.

also, in light of the current pandemic, please stay safe everyone.

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