Broadcaster crashes on adding MS Powerpoint presentation

Hi, when ever I add MS PowerPoint as a window source and then switch to presentation mode in PowerPoint, Broadcaster crashes.

Is there any solution or workaround for this? It keeps me from actively using Broadcaster for business purposes.

Hi! Does it show any error message when it crashes? We’ll need to check a couple of things to determine what might be causing that.

  1. Send us a screenshot of your XSplit Broadcaster scene, we’d like to see the sources that have been added along with the PowerPoint window.

  2. Also send us your MSINFO32 file, we’ll check if any drivers may need updating:

As a workaround, could you drag the PPTX directly into XBC? So drag from folder and drop in to XSplit Broadcaster

This screenshot of the scene was taken after dragging the pptx file into XBC. I’ll send the msinfo32 file in a few hours