Broadcaster crashing on youtube stream

Hey there
I’ve been running into quite anoying problem past few weeks
We are streaming church services for years with xsplit broadcaster and it worked flawlesly
and we’ve been using old camcorder via firewire, and streaming to both youtube and facebook in 480p
Now we got ourselfs better internet connection, better camera and elgato cam link 4k card
at start we’ve been able to start both streams and all of a sudden broadcaster would crash without previous notice
now when I start second stream, it freezes
if I start only one stream it goes on, but also crashes
tried tons of settings, new drivers, diferents usb slots, diferent cabels, diferent youtube channels
with camera, without camera, PTR version of broadcaster
in the end I installed broadcaster on my home PC and exact same thing happened
I have lifetime licence
I’m out of options so I’m writting here
I hope someone can help

Hello, sorry to hear about the issue you’re experiencing. Could you tell us if you get any error message popups when you open XSplit Broadcaster? When do these crashes occur? Do you run your stream through our output plugins or our Custom RTMP plugin?

Also, please send us the following information so that we could investigate further into your issue:

  • Your MSinfo32 file. To generate one, you may refer to this link: Generating an MSINFO32 File | XSplit Help Center and send us the .NFO file here for checking.
  • A screenshot of the version of your Xsplit Broadcaster, you can find this by going to Help > About.
  • A screenshot of the entire XSplit Broadcaster window while streaming.
  • A screenshot of your YouTube output settings. You can access this by going clicking on the Broadcast tab > click on the gear icon next to the YouTube Live output.

I did never get any message or error, it just crashed
I was using youtube and facebook plugin
My guess is that plugin was making problem, because yesterday I tried with Custom RTMP and I was able to stream for 9+ hours (I guess didnt go longer because of router reset :slight_smile:
I can use Custom RTMP, but plugins were so friendly :frowning:

Hello, Thanks for the update. Could you provide us your MSINFO32 and screenshot of your Xsplit Broadcaster version and your plugin settings.

thanks for fast response
I did not have access to church PC, so I am sending you now
xsplit-version youtube-settings
cant add msinfo file

I’m still having this issue :frowning: