Broadcaster doesn’t recognize changed monitor input source

When I connect my iPad to my monitor via HDMI and change the source so my iPad screen appears on the monitor, Xsplit still shows the original monitor input screen. I would like to run demos via my iPad on my stream. Is there any solution for this?

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If ıt still shows orginal monitor you can use refresh screen capture if its not work. you can use smart screen capture than u can easly select your ıpad screen on ur monıtor. But best way is i think capture card You can add it on source with video capture device that is most easy way

Tried that. When I select the iPad screen with Smart Select, it still picks up what is present on the original input source. That was surprising.

how u gıvıng your ıpad sceen to your desktop monıtors with capture card or ?

Connected via an HDMI cable.

you can try with window capture ifs not work try with capture card… and are u usıng sıngle monıtor?

I don’t know what you mean by window capture. I’ve tried every option available on Xsplit, nothing works. Very, very disappointing. I’m not going to buy a capture card, especially since there’s no guarantee that would work either. I have two monitors.

add source-screen capture-window capture after you can selecet your ıpad screen ı thınk

Unfortunately, iPad screen doesn’t appear as one of the window to select. I tried all of them in case it was named something else.