Broken watermark? VCam UNUSABLE

Hi there

When i’m logged out the watermark is working as exptected.

Logged in, the cam displays an image looking like the browser page sent by our corporate firewall when accessing forbidden fruits (gaming sites, offensive content, etc…)

VCam currently is unusable

H.Logged_In Logged_Out

Hi there, may I ask what firewall or internet security you are currently using on your end?

Could you also generate a Debugview log file for us?

Here is how:

  1. Download Debugview here:

  2. Unzip the Debugview file that was downloaded.

  3. Launch Debugview.exe and XSplit VCam as administrator

  4. Replicate the issue

Once the issue has been replicated, saved the Debugview log as .txt then send it to us

Hi @holger.linge , can you give us a clear screenshot of the “forbidden notice” that’s being shown when you’re logged in? Is it asking for Captcha?

@holger.linge Were you also able to use the same VCam version and logged in without issues before?

Hi please find the debugging log attached

vcam2.log.json (87.2 KB)

I’ve also startet the app with a charles debugging proxy in the background. The problem would not appear. I’ve checked the request. The only one acting funny is against “https://file”.

Screenshot attached. I don’t think it’s captcha-related.

The previous version worked like a charm.

Text is: We could not resolve your request / resource not found

I think it’s this line from debugview:

[20548] smdnn set: Foregound = https://file/base64/, result = 0x00000000

In any browser is delivers the exact FileNotFound-Page from the screen, and it is displayed in the foreground.

Hi @holger.linge, thanks for the logs! https://file/base64/ This may be the cause of the issue, similar to New proxy issue from most recent upgrade. Our developers are looking into this and will keep this thread updated.

Great news. Thank you.

For now, i will stick to the previous version.