[Bug Report] Audio issues when Nvidia Broadcast Webcam in scene

Not sure if this is the right place but I was not able to find a dedicated place for bugreports …

Very recently I have a weird issue with Xsplit Broadcaster, whenever I have the Nvidia Broadcast Webcam in a presentation all my audio from my Steinberg UR22 Audio Interface is extremely choppy, both audio output to my headphones and audio input from the Mic. Not only when streaming but it’s enough to have simply the Broadcaster app started with the Nvidia Broadcast Webcam used in the presentation.
Using a different Audio Output/Input (like a headset) and/or removing the Nvidia Broadcast Webcam from the presentation both resolve the issue, only the combination of all three components (Steinberg UR22, Xsplit Broadcaster and Nvidia Broadcast Webcam) creates this issue.
The issue does also not come up when using the Webcam Source directly or using VCam.

PS.: Just tried the PTR, same issue.