Bypass pre-stream dialog using hotkeys and macros

Bypass Pre-Stream Dialog With Macros

There are scenarios where you want to use the hotkey to start a Broadcast but you’re currently in the game and don’t want to alt tab to continue the process as it kind of defeats the point of using a hotkey. For this purpose, you can use the macros extension to achieve it.

Step 1 - Get Macros Extension

From the Extensions menu at the top, go to Add Extension and then Find more extensions and then search and find Macros. Click it and then click Install.


Once install, the macros extension will open. If not, you can access it from the Extensions menu at the top.

Step 2 - Create a new macro

Press one of the plus buttons to create a new macro

For the event drop down, select On Key Press and then pick your key combination you want to use to start your broadcast. To make sure it’s detected when you press the hotkey, you’ll need to Enable event listener

From the Action dropdown, choose Start/Stop Broadcast. Once selected, you can now choose your preferred output/channel and then choose either to start or stop the broadcast.

Now, when ever you press this hotkey (as long as Macros extension is running) it will start the broadcast and bypass the pre-stream dialog.