Camera disappears after cropping in Scene Editor

After applying some effect (mostly crop), the camera preview goes blank in the scene editor as you can see in the screenshot below. Now, the actual camera source and the changes are all applied and valid because if I hit “Save” and switch back to the Gamecaster scene, I can see the changes being applied and working fine. It is just the scene editor that fails to show the source.

A few other things that I have notice:

  • Sometimes the preview comes back if I turn the visibility of the widget on and off.
  • Sometimes, there’s a tiny square-shaped sad face on the top-right or top-left of the camera source window.
  • Sometimes, the camera feed is visible but it is tiny and out in some corner of the window.

I have tried adding new scenes, new sources, new widgets, new sets. All of them work when I first add the camera source and the moment I crop it in, the preview goes away.

This does seem to be a limitation of the view in the Scene Editor’s preview. I’ve tried it on mine and it also disappears, although the webcam shows up normally in the Studio and the stream itself.