Camera or Capture Card Link Sources Issue

I am having issues with the new 4.3.2202.1226 update for Xsplit Broadcaster. Right now, I have capture card and camera sources automatically linked through my entire presentation when some of them I did NOT want linked together. This is causing havoc on my whole setup because if I want to switch a capture card source to a camera source (for a zoom in) and then quickly switch back, the source for the capture card is now linked to all my other camera sources in the presentation.

For example,

  1. Source 1 is My Avermedia Capture Card and Source 2 is my C922 Webcam.
  2. I change Source 1 to my C922 Webcam in the Camera Source dropdown list box in Settings.
  3. Source 1 is now linked to Source 2 as well. (which I do not want to happen)
  4. I change Source 1 back to the Avermedia Capture Card in Settings, but because it is now automatically linked with Source 2 is also changes to the Avermedia Capture Card.

Now I can’t unlink them. If you can provide any help or updates on this, please let me know.


Your friendly neighborhood Badboy2000and1 :slight_smile: