Can you change with the JS framework?


I am wondering if you can change/set the local recording folder setting with the XSplit JS Framework?

Also, if possible, change the settings of the Akamai plugin?

We are looking to do it from within another application on the local machine…XSplit maybe not running at the time if that helps.

Hey Andrew,

Firstly, to carry out any actions that modify XSplit Broadcaster, then XSplit Broadcaster must be running with the exception of Custom URI which will launch XSplit Broadcaster when executed.

Right now, it’s not possible to change the recording folder using XJS, however I think this is something we could explore adding.

As for changing the settings of the Akamai plugin, it’s currently not possible to modify any output plugin using XJS. However, if I could understand your use case a little more it may help. In the meantime, you may want to check out our Custom URI Scheme that allows you to add things like outputs with custom settings.

This is great!
Looks like we can use a custom URI to change the Akamai plugin?
What we currently do is make a new folder for each job we use xsplit for and then set xsplit to put the recordings in that folder. So that is why we are looking to automate the change of the folder so we dont make a mistake.
Maybe we can change the way xsplit names the files and always use the same folder?

Testing the custom URI we can easily add a new akamai output; which is great!

Is there a way we can programmatically remove an old akamai output, or change the existing output?
That way the user won’t be able to make a mistake and select the wrong akamai output for the that job.


Unfortunately right now there’s no way to modify or remove existing output plugins.