Cannot output 1920x1080 at 60 fps

I have Sony a5100, elgato HD60 S+ and NVIDIA 960 GPU. VCam can only output 720p at 30 fps and I do not see how I could configure that.

Hello there, at the moment VCam only supports 720p@30fps but will be able to support higher solution in one of your upcoming update

Is there a chance to get at least a beta release soon with full HD @ 60 fps? I can use green screen and good lighting if it helps to reduce the computational burden. Thanks.

Hi! 1080p is supported in the current updated version of VCam. Please uninstall your existing VCam then redownload the installer. The version number should be showing 2.0.2010.2901.

I reinstalled it and now it shows 2.0.2010.2109. However, I do not see any way to configure it for 1080. All the settings allow is 720. In Xsplit broadcaster and in OBS I can only get 720p Please help.

Whoops, I think I got the wrong link earlier. Try using the PTR version instead (you’ll also have to uninstall your existing VCam):

Thank you Bartolomew, I was able to install it (did it twice, the first time it did not detect NVIDIA 965M). It works fine, I like it better. But the problem persists, I do not see how could I configure 1080 @60fps.

And here is Broadcaster settings:

Whoops, I made a mistake with that earlier on. VCam 2.0’s still being updated to reintegrate 1080p, it won’t be selectable in that version. That’s due to VCam 2.0’s hardware driver.

For now you’ll have to use Version 1.2 to set the resolution at 1080p.

what do we miss in v1.2 that we need to know if we downgrade for 1080p video ?

As mentioned in XSplit VCam featurevote Vcam 60fps 1080p - XSplit VCam :

XSplit VCam currently supports up to 720p @30fps and this is due to the resource requirements imposed by the VCam processing logarithm (does not really depend on how good your graphics card is).
ETA for Full HD support in XSplit VCam is sometime in Q2 2021.