Canon SL2 not showing up as camera option

I’ve got a Canon SL2 using the Canon experimental webcam drivers. Xsplit vcam doesn’t show it as an input option.

OBS detects it, WebEx detects it, Sparko detects it, but Xsplit only shows my laptop’s built in webcam as an option for input.

Any ideas? Kind of disappointed I can’t use my expensive DSLR. Yes, I hit the refresh button. All other software is off when I’ve tried.

When I installed Sparko just to test the camera Sparko showed up in Xsplit as an input source.

I can route the Canon through Sparko and then Sparko through Xsplit but I’m obviously not going to purchase two different software packages just to get a background replacement.

Edit: found another thread that says you don’t support these devices because they’re not truly “web cams.” This doesn’t make sense to me though because all other software is detecting it as a webcam. That’s what the Canon driver does. Even all of the video meeting software works perfectly.

The other post mentions these cameras as being “hdmi devices” but this is not how they’re being connected. We’re connecting them via USB cable and the Canon driver is creating some kind of virtual webcam. Again, it works with every other software out there that uses webcams. I honestly can’t find another piece of software that isn’t able to detect this camera. It’s seems to just be Xsplit. I just installed a dozen or so applications just to try them all out.

It seems like a no-brainer for you to fix this. Nobody streaming/recording seriously uses a webcam. We all use DSLR cameras. Webcams are just bad quality.

You’d sell a lot more software by adding support for these devices. If a serious YouTuber/streamer uses your software their fans are going to ask what setup they have, you get plugged, you sell more software.

Right now it isn’t going to be Xsplit because you don’t support the hardware used by serious streamers and YouTubers.

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The Canon EOS experimental software is new right and in beta? Prior to this the only way to do it was via HDMI and for every brand except Canon (until the launch of this experimental software a few days ago) is the way to do it.

Will check with the team and get this looked in to.

Correct. I’m using a USB Type A (laptop side) to USB Mini Type B (camera side) cable to connect the device. I had no idea this was so new; I just happened to stumble upon the Canon software by chance yesterday.

I am using the new Canon EOS Webcam Utility Beta, and it is not showing up as a webcam. I love the program! I hosted a Zoom meeting about three weeks ago and it wasn’t available. This option is great, could have saved me a lot of money if it was ready a month ago. :slight_smile:

Hope it goes into production soon and I hope VCam will recognize it.


We’ve put a lot of priority in to this (after hearing about it last week) and if all goes well with QA, we should see a release early next week supporting Canon DSLR’s through the EOS Utility



Great, I’m in the same boat with the new Canon Webcam Utility.

The same seems to be the case with other virtual camera drivers as the OBS Virtual Camera Plugin and the NDI Tools, which are both not recognized by XSplit VCam. They are recognized by other Software like Many Cam or Skype for Business. Would be nice if these would be working with VCam too. The Droid Cam virtual camera driver seems to be recognized by VCam and is working with different Android Phones and Tablets, although the camera quality of these is not really comparable to the DSLR.

Due to the complex nature of how the neural network works and how different color spaces and color formats have massive impact it’s not as easy as just allowing software based cameras (Virtual Cameras). Even though DSLR’s are hardware, it’s technically a virtual camera through the Canon EOS software.

Over the past few days we’ve been looking at allowing Canon EOS cameras in VCam as an exception but as expected we’ve hit a few road blocks during QA. Due to the current state of world health and quarantine affecting how easily we have access to hardware, it has made this process a little longer. However, we’re still looking in to this and know it will a continually requested feature as more Canon DSLR users realise they can use the beta EOS software to use their camera as a webcam.

Hi, one of the features of the Canon software is that it turns the camera off when it’s not in use so the camera battery isn’t drained. Please keep that in mind or let us know that you can’t support that feature. FYI, Canon is really pushing this use-your-nice-camera-as-a-webcam feature. They have put together kits and some advertising behind selling them. It’s probably very good business for you.

Checking on an update on Canon DSLR support…thanks!

Looking forwards to being able to use my Canon 80D DSLR with Vcam too! =D

Hope you guys have smooth sailing and don’t hit too many rocks on the way for a Canon/Vcam setup :slight_smile:

Hi, any update on supporting Canon DSLRs? Thanks.

Hi @tigerfish509,

Unfortunately, we have encountered issues with the webcam utility - issues with resolution, colorspace format, and sometimes app crashes. We have contacted the developers, and hopefully be able to add this in VCam asap.

I checked if there’s an update for the webcam utility but I see the latest is still the April release 0.9.0. version.

I wanted to raise my hand here also. I would like to see this supported. I just spent the past three hours trying to get the Canon camera to work in Xsplit vCam for it would not show up. I did not realize the issue wish with VCam. As soon as I tried other applications (MS Teams, Vegas) the camera works with them. I regret I did not check here first. I look forward to your update.

Hope Canon releases an update to stabilize the software of any bugs. And that you get a quick and nice reply from Canon dev team so you can fix the issue :slight_smile: Wish you the best of luck Vcam dev team! =D

Hi I found that I can use my Canon 80D as input video in xsplit broadcaster as webcam with the canon utility v0.9.0.
But I can not use it as input for the xsplit VCam. The VCam is just not showing the EOS Wecam Utility.
In zoom conferences the EOS Wecam Utility works fine.
So why is xsplit VCam not listing the EOS Wecam Utility as possible wecam input?

Hi! The EOS Utility isn’t currently compatible. However, there is an ongoing feature request for it that can be upvoted:

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Hello guys!
Please get the latest EOS Webcam Utility 1.0 (09/16/20). This can now be detected by XSplit VCam. :slight_smile:
Make sure to use the latest version of VCam (download the latest in We’ve added the option to enable virtual cameras and fixed a resolution issue when using professional camera webcam utility or when camera is connected via elgato camlink.