Can't change text anymore


I just booted Xsplit Broadcaster and it seems like all the fonts of my text fields have changed.
I clicked right on the text fields to check the layout settings, but I’m just getting a loading bar.

How can I fix this please? I already restarted the software.
I don’t have this issue in PTR.

Thank you for reaching out to us, could you make sure that your plugins are up to date on Tools > My Plugins?

And, on which version do you encounter this issue and which PTR version does it work?

Hi, all plugins are up to date.
This is the ‘About’ of XSplit Broadcaster:



Hi! Those aren’t the updated versions yet. The non-PTR version is at 4.0.2007.2911, and the PTR version is 4.1.2102.2201.

If the Help > Check for updates prompt doesn’t show an update to install, you can redownload the installers first:

For now, try that on the non-PTR version.


I did the update, but I’m afraid the issue persists.

You did mention earlier that it doesn’t happen in the PTR version. Is that still the case with the updated PTR, 4.1.2102.2201?