Can't create a set or add from theme

I can’t create a new set manually or can’t add a theme. What’s wrong? when I tried to create a set, its show me “Failed to create set”… see screenshot prntscr(dot)com/ryog2a

When I tried to add a theme to studio its show me “undefined Failed to create set”… see screenshot prntscr(dot)com/ryoghf

Hope you guys fixed this issue soon.

Thank you

Hey Dhurbonil, I can’t seem to repeat this issue but I know you are also not alone. Is there any way we could set-up a very quick TeamViewer session just to check some logs? Or alternatively, could you PM me your XSplit Email Address and I’ll comb through the logs we have to see if there’s anything going on under the hood that shouldn’t be.

I am Having the same problem . what can i do